Providing life skills and mentoring to Syrian refugee students

Location: Jordan

BTEC – 3       Student       participates in an anti harassment activity during life skills class    © UNESCO

BTEC – 3 Student participates in an anti harassment activity during life skills class


Jordan has been massively impacted by the Syria crisis, with the second highest share of refugees compared to its population in the world – 89 refugees per 1000 inhabitants.  51% of the refugees are children and the majority live in urban areas in poverty – over 80% live below the poverty line.

Syrian refugees in Jordan urgently need education support to rebuild their lives and secure their futures.  The UNESCO Youth Skills Development and Mentoring Project funded by the EU and run at Al Quds College in Amman, Jordan, aims to do his through a one-year internationally accredited BTEC-3 programme that includes life-skills and academic support.

These classes have helped more than 400 BTEC-3 students succeed in their academic programmes and daily lives, and over 2 years will provide opportunities for 1,300 youth to participate in education programmes ranging from three months to 1 year. Through the program students can achieve diplomas in hospitality, art and design, the built environment and construction, surveying engineering, creative media production, graphic design and interior design - leaving students not only with marketable skills, but with hope for their future.

The project is part of the larger Sustaining Quality Education and Promoting Skills Development for Young Syrian Refugees in Jordan programme. UNESCO Amman Office is implementing this 4.3 million Euro project funded by the EU to sustain quality education and promote skills development opportunities for young Syrian refugees and Jordanian youth impacted by the humanitarian crisis.

For more information please contact, Anne Muller at a.muller@unesco.org